Wedges and Slanted Fascia

Here are the most common profiles of seamless gutters

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When discussing slanted fascia and gutter installation it is important to have a clear understanding how the contractor will install your gutters, above you will see the industry standard and most widely adopted method of competent contractors.

AVOID ANY ATTACHMENTS TO YOUR ROOF, if a contractor wants to attach any type of strapping to your roof consider contacting a reputable roofer or roofing supplier to see if this will affect warranty.

Let's Talk Gutter

6" K-style also referred to as 6" "ogee" is the predominant gutter in this area. It has the largest capacity and downspouts can be located every 40-60 feet of gutter. It is also the most common and therefore the most cost effective, ranging from $4.00 to $6.00 per linear foot(aluminum) on most single story homes.

6" half round generally can handle less flow than 6"K, downspouts every 20-25 feet, yet its classic and aesthetic design is unmatched. Aluminum can range between $10-$18 per linear foot. Copper can be up to 3 times more costly.

5" K-style is still around yet becoming harder to find contractors willing to upkeep there 5 inch machines. If you have 5"K on your house and need repairs be willing to pay a premium for the right contractor. The time will come when you need to decide to install 6"K, consider this when your roof is changed. Many roofers work with competent gutter contractors and are willing to negotiate gutters as part of the roof job.

Gutter installation

If you have any questions about gutter installation, we can provide you information from 26 years f installation experience. Please call me and I will be happy to help.

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